Windows Insider | Windows Insider Review

If at all there is something Windows is better than android, letting Users influence its future updates in a miniature level is one among the “something”. Meanwhile on the other hand, Android from the stables of Google, have been pulling a lot of things from its hat like the update “lollipop” is a major breakthrough. Windows phone 10? Not upto the benchmark set by lollipop. So, what is the remedial action from Windows? The Windows Insider is the answer. Let me shed some light on the windows insider app for you.

What’s Windows Insider is all about?

It gives a chance to test the updates from Windows phone OS developers to test their products right at the comfort of your home and right on your device. It is the gateway from where you get to access the preliminary options you (or the other windows phone users get to see, if your phone fails to meet the hardware criteria) are about to receive from the office of Bill Gates.

Does it feel better to be a small part to influence the next update from the windows phone developers? It obviously does. Another important note to make is that you get to add your own suggestions to make and if they find it valid and essential to sustain in the market, they get to squeeze it in their next update.

Like the batman, who is never revealed for any good deed, your suggestions will be kept anonymously. Its good for the girls (or you might receive hell lot of friend requests in your facebook account if they did) and bad for the guys (girls would go crazy if they find you were instrumental in bringing a major update).

How does that work?

It is quite easy to use and believe me, it is plain and even a child would master it. You just have to download the test mule of the updates and use it for a while and report if any problems arise. There is also the easy stripping off the test version if you ever intend to get back to normal.

The test version is of two types, and I don’t care whatever they name them, ALWAYS CHOOSE THE STABLE VERSION AT ALL TIMES.

I used uppercase and block letters because in the unstable versions, the problem faced at the test mules we had wpla are

  1. Battery drains and charged by itself.
  2. Automatic rebooting
  3. Crash of apps like email agent and whatsapp
  4. Phone calls disconnect by itself
  5. And many bugs that could harm your device in the longer run.

SO please stick to the stable versions.


For those attorneys who are getting ready to sue Microsoft for these bugs, they also get a consent click from us and it reads “Microsoft may not take any responsibilities for damages of devices under any circumstances”. So be wise and happy testing! Ciao.