VLC media player for windows phone review | VLC for windows phone

The only video player available for windows phone in the app store was the “MOLI player” which demanded money which is a pathetic move. The comments read exactly like this

  • We need MX player
  • We need VLC media player

VLC for Windows Phone

I don’t know what MX player stables have to offer for windows phone app store, but definitely the VLC developers have paid heed to us and here we are with our test mule of the VLC media player for windows phone.

IS VLC media player for windows phone worth the wait (and hype):

It could be painful to know that it works, but not the way we want it to be. BUT! I know I use a lot of buts in my articles but this but is important. VLC rocks. Not the way its android brother is doing, but reasonably rocking. Its features are more, than the stock video player we have.

Please note that this app cannot be launched from a third party app or any other app.  This burden comes with the security concerns windows talks about.


Whats cool?

Interface is cool. Features are cooler. The app itself is fit for the need. Have you ever faced the days when you wanted to stream a youtube video and your default video player wont help? Though VLC media player for windows phone wont put a full stop to that, it definitely serves partially.


Streaming videos is a breeze. You just have to copy paste the URL of the video and it sctreams beautifully. We at the wpla labs didn’t face any lags in video loading but it is quite annoying to use actually. To stream a single video, you have to go to a browser, search for a video, then copy its URL and close it. Then open VLC media player for windows phone and then paste it. All for a single video? Time to shift to Android. (just Kidding).


Whats not so cool?

Windows phone theme. What happened to my awesome collection of whatsapp videos? Does that mean I can never ever play my whatsapp videos on my VLC media player for windows phone? The answer is a Yes with a frown on my face.

VLC for windows phone beta_Screenshots


Though I admit it is a bold move from VLC to bring out the VLC media player for windows phone but still, they have set the bench mark so high and failed tp reach them. Its their mistake guys, not ours. Updates required. ASAP.