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One word description – Its aweeeeeeesome

The app a small package of 4 mb is excellent and works just like Bittorrent for windows systems, pause your download, enable multiple downloads and the best part is download directly to memory card. Note that the direct download to memory card feature is applicable only to windows 8.1, the best part is it is free of cost which is a great deal breaker for a decent torrent downloader windows phone we think.

torrent downloader for windows phone
torrent downloader for windows phone


The app: The latest version has a finnish,turkey  Spanish and polish translations amongst many other languages.

This application supports personalization of themes, backgrounds and languages. This app also has improved user interface menus and operations.

One can use google and bing has a default search engine  and download torrents  just the same way as we download in a compute using the site of our choice.

The Interface : The app comes with separate screens for all tasks ,downloading and completed downloads enabling express fast user interface and a very healthy user interaction.

There are many settings that are very user and phone friendly. Some settings include enabling exit options if battery is less enabling download rate and also enabling exit when network or wifi is not connected for more than five minutes which exceeds the features provided by the utorrent android app and present for this torrent downloader windows phone.

I would say that the team of developers has given a very deep thought into what is the requirement of the user.

The Plus: Very rich Bit torrent features including magnetic link support, setting file priorities, download file rate limit upload rate limit which is quite decent for a free torrent downloader for windows phone.

Video and music playback is integrated

File manager that to with multiple data sharing methods or approaches via bluetooth or any other methods possible.

The app has a online forum for users to clarify their doubts send some suggestions improvements and reviews. He team has actually developed its app for the user and by the user

The minus: background download is impossible due to the restrictions by windows. The other problem is the problem of ads. The ads can only be restricted in wptorrent pro which has to be bought for rupees 160 which is a bit too much for a torrent downloader for windows phone to be frank.

Our rating: our team will give it 4.2 stars out of 5 stars