ShareIt for Windows Phone | Share files Via Wi-fi in Windows Phone

We all have those days when we longed for a decent way to find the goddamn Bluetooth file transfer knack in windows phone. The updates that followed once Microsoft took over did the job well. But, there is a problem. Yes there is. Have you noticed that a 4minute video you take in your lumia 535 can be on an average of 300 MB? Of course you’re right. It would take almost half an hour to send that video to another phone via Bluetooth. And we bought smartphones to save time right? What is the remedy? Android counterparts have Xender, WiFi file shareit for windows phoner apps, but we are left with an obsolete Bluetooth.


Here comes the rescue! Shareit for windows phone official app is released on windows phone and guess what? It works unlike the faulty other apps that is a cheap imitation of the android counterparts. Without gnarling any more of your time, lets get moving!!!!!

ShareIt for Windows Phone

Does it work?

Of course it does! Why have I asked this question? There are reasons. Ever downloaded the Vector game for windows phone? Don’t even think of downloading it. Literally. Unless other wise you are planning to give away 2.99$ of your hard earned money on some junkie trying to steal your money.

Shareit for windows phone works perfectly and on par with the android version and who knows, it might even be faster than android sibling, (perspectives vary with every mind).

What ShareIt does?

By now it is safe for me to assume that you are well aware of what is going on between the android users and windows phone users. Jokes apart, we are getting trolled, period. One of the additions to the good or better apps in windows phone store is shareit for windows phone. We didn’t have one, but now we do for over WiFi hotspot file sharing.

WiFi hotspot file sharing is almost 7.32 times faster than the Bluetooth file sharing and that is a theoretical value. Don’t blame me if you don’t get that much speed.


Is it user friendly?

Umm… yes.. kind of. You are in a top windows phone app review site so by now you have understood how user friendly the apps for windows phone really are. Shareit for windows phone might not be great or awesome but does the job well. A few hours of quality time with shareit for windows phone and you are good to go.

Problems? If any?

Yes there are problems. Sometimes we at the wpla lab had issues when few devices failed to show up in our shareit for windows phone scan. And sharing failed at 83% was one of the few times I resorted to uninstall this app and stick with Bluetooth.


This is the part where I have to be nice. Something is better than nothing. We didn’t have an app for huge size files and now we have one and it works (almost all the time). So what’re you waiting for? Get shareit for windows phone now! I mean not now…  after leaving a comment here. Ciao.