Redmi 2 vs Lumia 535 |Battle between Lumia 535 vs Redmi 2

I know it is absurd to deal with this comparison with these two phones without giving a detailed review. But still this is a great time to deal with both the comparison and the review of two phones at once and my boss would be happy now I hope. Enough with the lengthy intros let me get it straight. The Chinese smartphone rookie is sweeping the world with consecutive homeruns like the Note 4g and the MI3. The latest addition is the catchy redmi 2 straight against lumia 535 and the Lenovo A6000. Let us battle it out (thats what we do best). And here we go the redmi 2 vs the lumia 535.

Redmi 2 vs lumia 535

1. Redmi 2 vs lumia 535 (Build quality)

Well well well… It all boils down to what you have in your hand rather than what the thing can do. The competition between the redmi 2 vs lumia 535 can be justified by the straight battle – build quality. For 7000 bucks, you get a solid, matte wannabe finished, so-called scratch resistant phone from the Chinese maker. But hold your horses right there! For a few more grand, we get the stunningly beautiful lumia 535. The feel is comfy, reliable than fearing what a Chinese phone can do to my tight wallet.

Winner by KO – Lumia 535.


Lumia 535 Vs Redmi

2. Redmi 2 vs lumia 535 (Display)

The display is the one area where all the androids overtake the windows phone. But still, the lumia 535 is on par with the huawei honor holly and the Lenovo a6000. But since the topic here is redmi 2 vs lumia 535, the redmi 2 beats the lumia 535 with a great margin. The blacks are blackier in the lumia while the yellows and greens are more rich in the redmi 2. Both can be a good option for a movie, but heart and the brain says the redmi 2.

Winner by pinfall – Redmi 2

3. Redmi 2 vs lumia 535 (Hardware)

Hands down! The redmi 2. What a phone! What a price tag! But still I am party killer. The Lumia 535 is loaded and armed to the teeth. The benchmarks cannot be done as the Operating systems are different and can lead to faulty results. The RAMs and inbuilt storage are just the same old equal battle, but the chipset and the GPU puts the redmi 2 ahead while the lag free experience says that the lumia is neither a slouch nor a paper appealer.

Result – Its a draw!

4. Redmi 2 vs lumia 535 (Camera)

Need we say more? Its the lumia. Wait! The redmi’s camera isn’t bad at all. The front and the back shooter are nice but you get the point right? I am not at all partial towards the lumia when it comes to redmi 2 vs lumia 535, but if there is a good edge in lumia it is the camera.

Winner by KO – lumia 535.

5. Redmi 2 vs lumia 535 (App store)

I better wind up this topic quick. Lumia user myself (also have a Xperia SP) i cant degrade my phone that bad. The apps store for lumia is pathetic. The redmi 2 wins this round.

Winner by KO – redmi 2


Ultimate Winner

You should have seen the cricket match between South Africa and New Zealand. The same condition exists here. For 7000 bucks you get a fancy finicky phone, for a few extra pressure, you get a tried and tested phone with a good reputation. The winner of the battle redmi 2 vs lumia 535? I will leave it to you in commentary.