You’ll be wondering why we’ve Introduced QR Code in most of the articles. If you find no use to that then read this article carefully. At the last of this article you will be understanding the use of QR Code to download the applications on your Smartphone.

QR Code is the way to digitalize the real world to the virtual Image. this will be very helpful for you if you are browsing this site not from a smartphone. If it is so, then you can capture  QR Code provided with the articles from your smartphone and get the download link into your smartphone itself.

What if the world have links like the website?, What if yo can click on something on the real world and instantly get digital content to your finger tips.?

QR code technology make this possible and its already available to anyone having a smartphone. QR Codes are the bridges between the real world and the digital worlds.

This is why we bring you the latest and finest of the technology to your door step, so that you could enjoy the technology and make your life easier as never.

Windows Phone Lumia Apps” allows user to surf website from your laptop, PC, tablet or any other device and make a bridge to your smartphone through the QR Code technique.

So, now Surf “Windows Phone Lumia Apps” from any device which suits you and we will bridge your smartphone through QR Code to provide you the best of the Windows Smartphone.