PDF Viewer for Windows Phone | A Good pdf Viewer for Windows Phone

Lets face it. We have the much hyped up Microsoft office but not an inbuilt app for opening pdf files. Which kind of irritates. Majority of the lumia users are college guys and business man who have to face pdf files for almost half their lives. So here I am with the pdf viewer for windows phone. Since I am always confused, its high time I get you guys confused. We have two better options here in the hunt for pdf viewer for windows phone. One is the default old pdfreader and the other is the one reader.

Pdf Viewer for Windows Phone

1. User Interface

The deciding factor in deciding which is the better pdf viewer for windows phone, is the user interface. What is the point in having a pdf viewer if the UI is horrible? The pdf viewer is the better option here. The one reader has an array of useless options but still the pdf viewer makes it to the top. The winner of the UI battle in the hunt for better pdf viewer for windows phone is the pdfviewer.


W8-Phone-PDF-Reader-large-icon2. Lags

There are no noticeable lags in the apps that I have tried in two different phones. The phones I tried are the lumia 1020 and the 535. The better the hardware, the better the experience. But still the pdfviewer has some lags and jitters here and there. The winner in this phase of the hunt for a better pdf viewer for windows phone is the one reader.

3. Which one does the job better?

Both does almost same things but in a different way. Though not a fan of either, (I like the adobe one for Android on my Xperia SP) but still had to choose one. I would suggest you to go with the one reader since the pdfviewer is found to load pages a bit later than the one reader.

PDF viewer for windows phone

Pdf viewer for windows phone is the basic necessity and hence the winner is the one reader any day!