Too Much Focus on Cross Platform Apps : Microsoft Fans Super Disappointed

Windows phone are left in lurch following Microsoft’s strategy of focus on cross-platform Apps for Android and iOS users.

Windows Phone owners have had enough of broken promises. Microsoft has been testing the patience of its loyal fans by abandoning its “first and best on Windows” strategy in favor of developing cross-platform apps for Android and iOS users. Microsoft seems to put too much focus on developing cross platform apps for Android and iOS leaving Microsoft fans high and dry.

First we saw the update of Office on iOS which is way better than what we currently see for Windows phone. Add to the list, Skype for iOS and Windows, OneNote, Xbox music, Office Sway, Skype Qik, speculated app update of Cortana for iOS and Android.

Why such a long, long wait for a decent update for your loyal WP users Microsoft ?

Even though apps like  Office, Skype are bundled in apps for Windows Phone platform but it has ended up hurting the users as Microsoft has failed to roll out timely updates for them. They work far much better on other platforms than on Windows Phone. It’s time Windows understands this mistake and takes a quick action on this else it will lose the negligible fan base it has managed to create.

Office app which was release last year for iPhone just offered basic editing like the app on Windows phone.The layout and overall functionality is a lot better than what we see on windows phone. Similarly, Office for iPad was release in the beginning of 2014 which is again optimized for touch compared to its Windows phone counterpart.Even though a comparison might feel a bit unfair, yet fans will feel so considering the touch optimized update for Windows Phone and tablets will be launched next year with the delivery of Windows Phone 10.

Needless to say, there is a far better version of Skype on Android and iOS. They are fast and beautiful rather than the slow app of Skype on Windows Phone. You can see some wonderful animations on iOS Skype app which will make you wonder why Microsoft cannot deliver a good app for its platform.To add to the woes of Windows Phone users, OneNote again works far better for Android and iOS. The latest update has met with a lot of criticism.  Similarly, Xbox Music app is an under-performer on Windows Phone since its separation from Microsoft’s operating system. Office Sway app was launched on iOS, Skype Qik app is also available for all platforms but the Windows Phone version lacks support for Qik Flicks feature.

Topping the list  is Cortana app, which might be launched in the near future for Android and iOS users. If the apps which are exclusive for Windows Phone users work better in other platforms, then there is less chance for Windows developers or third party developers to build app for Windows Phones. And with this kind of move, Microsoft has left the future for its own platform in danger.