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Lumia 630 review



Perhaps the most sought after phone after the lumia 525, the lumia 630 is the best ever entry level phone from the stable of Nokia, er the Microsoft. Lumia 630 is personally my first regret after buying the lumia 625. But after using the lumia 625, my notions changed. But now since I get a lot of phones for reviewing, I am a happy man. So lets shoot straight to the lumia 630.

indepth review of lumia 630
lumia 630 review



Outer looks:

Never judge a book by its cover. But the lumia 630 is a beautiful thing inside out. Though manufactured in China (we shall deal that later), the build quality is decent. The plastic used is of average quality. I intentionally use the word “average” because after a month of using, we found the top corners giving away in the form of cracks. High five if you too face the same issue! And since I love taking a drive to see the pretty receptionist at the Nokia store, the case replacement wasn’t cheap. Quite a big let down from Microsoft but still the build is nice. It survived the drop test. The screen didn’t shatter. The plastic is quite premium wannabe. Good feel while holding it and it didn’t slip or twitch. Let me say a good 7 for the build quality.


Screen and display:

Here we are. The screen is pretty IPS with decent pixel density. Though a 4.5 inch long beauty, only 4.3” is available for you. Yup, you got it. No capacitive buttons. Some may like it some may not. So I better stay out of it. But wait! I hate it. I didn’t quite get the hang of it. Sometimes it happened that whenever I tried to reach the lower most parts of the screen, the main keys got into middle and it is a disappointment.

Let me give a big 8 for the screen and display. The blacks are good blacks. The colours are elegant.


Hardware speaks:

The hardware part is a quite underdog. A mere 512MB RAM but couple that with the snapdragon and enjoy the roller coaster. Roller coaster crossed my mind because of the fact that it may get bumpy sometimes. The lack of RAM can be felt while multi-tasking and playing games like dream league soccer and the glow hockey. Quad-cores do the job pretty well but could perform better on the lumia 630.

An average 7 for the hardware.



We love camers! Who doesn’t? the camera is decent 5Mega pixels. Explains why it is placed under the budget phone category. Out door imaging is great. One can dare to call the Xperias and HTCs for camera challenge but make sure you are in broad day light. There is no flash. Selfie freaks? News for you. No front camera is present in the lumia 630. But still, hours of practice can make you take a few selfies with the primary camera itself on the lumia 630. What say?


Gaming and battery performance:

Gaming is kind of messed up. Though it can handle all the apps of the market with ease, the lumia 630 still can’t handle energy demanding games. Little games like the childish ones work perfectly fine. Throw the asphalt 8 and curse your luck. Gaming is a big no no in the lumia 630. Apps are smooth. No doubts on that.

Battery back up is nice. We were able to find a few juice left even after our entire review for a day. 3g connection was on the entire time. Two email accounts were on push. Whatsapp, hike, and kik were also on push. A few chatting side by side didn’t break the battery of the lumia 630 for our smile.



The lumia 630 is a nice little package. But still, the 535 is a better option if you can stretch your budget a little bit. But still, if the lumia 630 is your heart opting for, just go on. You will never regret. You get a nice phone for a nice budget, decent battery, average hardware and good display. The lumia 630 is no slouch neither a fire spitting dragon.

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