Is “Continuum” Really a Game Changer? Windows 10 Talks

Hi folks! Windows 10 is round the corner and we have been hearing some great features as days passes by. If you are a windows phone enthusiast you might have heard the Continuum feature for upcoming Windows Phone 10 devices. Continuum feature of windows phone 10 is said to be a killer game changer to the mobile computing world and would change the way we see or use our computer. Continuum for windows phone has the great ability to convert any screen to a Personal computer. It is possible in future that you don’t need to carry multiple gadget for different kind of work.

Do We need Screen Independence?

Today we are bound to keep a whole new device for slight different uses, like you keep smartphone for calling, browsing, music. etc. on the other hand you keep “Tablet” for watching Videos on the go and to play some good HD games and finally you keep a Laptop for your work and personal stuffs. You must have guessed the only reason to keep a whole new device is its screen size. Companies like Apple, Samsung and others have sold you more devices than you must own just for a single feature i.e. Screen.

Continuum is built to serve most out of Windows Operating System using minimal set of hardware. Now you can own a Windows Phone 10 and enjoy the functionality of a Laptop, Tablet and obviously a Smartphone. You not need to carry all three devices just for the sake of their screen sizes. Isn’t it’s great? with the advancement of the new technology, Screen Independence is that what we want. Microsoft has did it and proved that it can still bring a tech revolution when we think mobile computing has reached to its saturation level.

Continuum for Windows Phone

Windows 10 is about to hit the market late summer and continuum is still in development mode. We loved the features and ease of access of continuum so far and we hope Microsoft will come up with some more features as soon as windows 10 will be released for common users.

In next few paragraphs you will learn how continuum for window 10 will enrich computing experience in your day-to-day life and will save you a lot of bucks using minimal set of hardware. we have prepared a case study for your to understand how Continuum for windows 10 will set a new milestone in mobile computing.

Case Study

Case 1 : Life Without Continuum.

Assume : A family of 4 people

1. John (a High school Student) = Needs a Laptop for Study + Smartphone

2. John’s Sister (just about to got to school) = Needs a Baby Laptop for learning poems, Alphabets and Numbers.

3. John’s Mom (She like to watch TV and YouTube on her Tablet) = Needs a TV, Tablet PC and obviously a Smartphone.

4. John’s Dad (Office Guy) = Need Laptop for working with his presentations and a Smartphone

Total Gadgets Required = 8, assuming smartphone a necessity we still need 5 more gadgets to serve our purpose.

Continuum will change the whole Scenario 

You need to have just 1 more gadget apart from your smartphone if you have a continuum for windows 10 capable device. You don’t need 5 gadget to serve your exclusive purpose only 1 will do. This will reduce your expenses on multiple devices and continuum for windows 10 will make it possible for you. lets learn how continuum for window phone 10 is a killer feature of windows 10.

Continuum for Windows Phone 10 is designed to convert any capable screen into a computer. This screen can be your television, your Monitor or even a projector display. Continuum will use your windows phone hardware to render the display in other screen and you can seamlessly work on any screen you want according to your requirement. With continuum the case above will change in something like this below.

Case 2: Life With Continuum

Assuming : John, John’s mom and John’s dad has continuum enabled windows phone and a TV at their home.

1. John = Needs a Windows Phone Smartphone with Continuum + John can connect his windows phone to his TV using Continuum and perform his school work with PC turned TV.

2. John’s Mom + Sister = Needs a Windows Phone 10 Smartphone with Continuum + Mom can connect her windows phone to TV using Continuum and teach her daughter and can watch YouTube + TV.

3. John’s Father = Windows Phone Smartphone with Continuum + TV to work with his Slides and other official work.

Continuum has ability to multitask, this way you can teach your kid some beautiful poems via your smartphone and at the same time continue your work with you smartphone.

Switching Between Screens

There are three way you can convert a screen into your personal computer. these ways are listed below.

Continuum Wireless dongle Continuum Wireless dock Continuum Wired Dock

 Three method listed here will covert your screen into your personal computer. All you to have to do is to own a windows phone 10 smartphone with Continuum enable devices.