Problems in Lumia | Potential Bumps or Problems in Lumia Range

Some of our audience think that we are favoring the lumias and covering up the problems of lumia. But every single review coming from the labs of wpla is unbiased and impartial. We do have an android help site and feel free to visit it too. You can click here to visit our android site. First things first. Though lumias are great smartphones, they do have few disadvantages too. Not saying that androids don’t. There are a few regions in lumia where it needs development.

Problems you will face with Lumia

Problem 1:

Back case : If you have been using a lumia for an year or more, do check out your corners of the back case.  Most of the complaints from lumia users from our survey in 7 Microsoft service centres is a cracked back case. And we have to admit it that every time we try to take off the back case, our hearts come to mouth feeling that it would break.

problems in lumia
optional back cases are available

Firstly, the back case is sturdy enough but the bends at the corner make it vulnerable. Secondly, we strongly recommend you to get a protective cover.

Problem 2:

Dialer: the dialer of lumias are one of the areas where the windows phone developers need more concern. We appreciate the recent calls tab at welcome whenever we open the dialer but the contact viewing experience is not so good.


Whenever we open the contact list from the dialer, and click to view the number, the call is set to action and we have to race to disconnect it. Many smartphone users rely on dialer for viewing contacts so it is not a good idea to program it like that.

Problem 3:

The Price: price plays a major factor for the buyers in India because our economy isn’t that good to shift from iPhones to lumia 1020s in matter of weeks. The average time an Indian holds on to his phone is 2.6 years while in US it is 0.8 years.

People are more willing to buy a cheaper more hardware powered android devices than pricey windows phones. First thing that comes out on looking at a 15K budget windows phone is

  • Is it octa core? – No.
  • 13MP camera? – No.
  • 5MP front facing camera? – No.

Then buying a windows phone? – no.

How does it affect the existing users? The sales of windows phone smartphones are low so the app developers focus more on androids. So, we get only low quality apps.

Problem 4:

Too much restraints: It is safe for me to assume that most of the windows phone users are previously android users. Remember the time when google play store asks for app permissions? Android apps can pretty much use every single hardware in your phone. But windows phone is kind of selfish in this regard.

Windows phone restricts apps, so that no app is allowed to use the microphone, sensors, dialer, sms and much more to our agony.

 Problem 5:

Slide, slide all the way: the app list on windows phone makes it a tedious process to access an app. For apps like wordpress, which cannot be kept in start screen, we have to either slide down all the way or match it with alphabets which are both iritating.Windows_Phone_8_AppsVerdict:

We never intend to say windows phone is full of disappointments. Obviously our next article will be androids flaws corrected by windows phone. These are the minor bumps you will feel on having a windows phone with you and it never ever comes in the way of joy of having a smartphone. Ciao.

We intend to come up with the flaws with windows phones because we hope that with windows 10 they will be no more in our favorite Lumia’s after update.