Asphalt 8: Airborne indepth review

Standing up to its name Asphalt 8 Airborne has lived up to its expectations. The new graphics and high

octane stunts steal the limelight. The game allows multiplayer play and is not subjected to the Xbox Live

Family Settings. The Rush, The Thrill, The excitement have all been beautifully carved into this less than

900 Mb beauty.

The Gameplay:

The game play is similar to its predecessors with tilt to steer feature or the tilt and icon feature or the on

screen controls or the usual tap to steer feature.

The Adrenaline feature used in Asphalt 7 and the objectives introduced in Asphalt 6 have been retained

to maintain closeness to its originality.

The game begins with just one season and the other seasons needs to be unlocked with stars.

The Multiplayer verdict

The game can be played both locally and globally. There is a “World Series “online multiplayer mode

What’s new!

Bringing us the ultimate experience in less than 900 Mb and coming with 11 new cars specifically

tramontana XTR and Arrinera Hussaya the car certainly leaps into a new page in the history books of


The game also boasts of its new locations, sharp crazy exhilarating turns and craziest of the craziest

tracks the game is just a treat to gamers.

Sell your Car feature

The sell your car feature is awesome helping us sell our old cars for money and buying new cars

What’s better!

Asphalt 8 on windows gives a much better performance than that in androids. Specifically low end

phones .i.e. phones with a ram of 1 Gb

The sleek design of cars and illustrious view and in depth analysis of the game speaks for itself


The game comes with 90 licensed cars available in 5 classes and their performance can be determined

by the all new rank rating

Sound track

Asphalt 8 is he first of its series to feature licensed sound soundtracks

The Pro’s

It delivers high speed high flying action that makes arcade gaming fun. You get to defy gravity like its

your new year resolution.

The live multiplayer feature gives a ton of asynchronous challenges. Challenge a friend and make him

bite the dust in your style.

The Con’s

Every update needing an complete 900 Mb download hasn’t been the the best from Gameloft.

The Verdict

The game is by far the best in the series, the level of excitement and graphics it brings to the field is just

way overboard in a good sense.It si by far the very best till date in the series