Apps to download on buying a windows phone | app download for windows phone

It feels awesome to have your lumia or any windows phone at your hand. But without proper apps, your phone is certain to give you nightmares. With this article, we bring you the must have apps for your windows phone, to be downloaded as soon as you buy a windows phone.


  1. Opera Mini:

From flaunting your new phone on Facebook to tweeting from your new phone, a browser is a must have in your phone. The default internet explorer is good, but the Opera Mini is just better. Technically, the best in browsers. UC browser is good, but when compared to Opera Mini, the developers of UC browser need some serious advice. The Opera Mini icon should be in your windows phone for the best ever browsing experience in your phone.opera mini for lumia


  1. Files:

The official file manager app from the office of Mr. Bill Gates. Microsoft proved again why they are the number one in software development again. Files is a file manager app for windows phone, which serves the purpose very smooth. Without this app you would face the following difficulties which we had in our early days too.

  • Never know where our downloads went
  • Search till eternity for our shared files
  • Bluetooth sharing of media will be our achievement of the year 2015
  • Clearing up specific files will be a million dollar task
  1. Youtube HD:

Just imagine a smart phone that won’t allow youtube streaming by default. The only advantage is, almost every single youtube client allows downloading the videos for free. Only the official app forbids it, but who is gonna download the official app anyway? Youtube HD serves the purpose well, with lot of additional features.

  1. IM+:

IM+ is a cross platform chat app that combines giants like facebook messenger, gtalk, ACQ  and several other stuff. It is even better than the facebook messenger and gives you reminder, if a selected contact goes online. Size of the app is very tiny than the official facebook messemger app. These makes the IM+ a must have app for windows phone.

  1. Whatsapp!

Life without whatsapp? I’d rather put out a campfire with my face. Whatsapp is still the undefeated champion of apps for any OS, obviously for windows phone too. If you have a windows phone, and if anybody asks you and you say you don’t have whatsapp, never mind the embarrassing comments they make. Save the agony and get whatsapp now.