Android vs windows phone OS | ultimate showdown


Ain’t it obvious that android OS would obviously win this epic battle? HOLD YOUR HORSES RIGHT THERE! The Windows phone OS isn’t finished yet. Seems like you are in for a treat. Because of the fact we have been die hard fans of the windows phone range and the happy owners of a decently endowed Android phones simultaneously, we give you the epic show down – the battle, Android vs Windows phone.


android vs windows phone
android vs windows phone


Parameters that are considered:

Without having valid points this battle Android vs windows phone, it would be unfair right? I got you covered there bro! Here comes the list of parameters that are considered valid for this battle.

  • Hardware sync
  • Lag free experience
  • Quicker boot
  • App handling abilities
  • User friendliness
  • Appearance
  • Overall speed of operation


Hardware sync:

Sounds weird right? The primary function of an OS is to synchronise the hardware of the phone (including computers) and to make the system respond according to the input of the user. From what we found on using both Android and the Windows phone, syncing the hardware is effectively handled by the latter. We have sufficient evidences too. Ever noticed if you press the volume buttons at a time, Android phones first get confused while Windows phones tend to do both actions simultaneously. Though THIS IS NOT THE ONLY ASPECT WE CONSIDERED we have added this to let you try it on your own. The algorithm of the Windows phone OS is threaded in such a way that it is built to take all the commands not like the Android which first processes it.


Winner of this phase of Android vs Windows phone : windows phone!


Lag free experience:

Any peter, paul and rob would agree that the Windows phone OS is more lag free. The term “fluidic” is the exact term that would be perfect to describe the flow of processes in a Windows phone OS. Any Lumia user would agree with me. If you are an Android user, try the lumias once (my personal suggestion is the 1020) and you will know what I am talking about.


Winner of this phase of battle Android vs Windows phone: windows phone!


Quicker Boot:

Well…. It depends on the hardware we are talking about. It solely depends on the processor, threading, RAM and also the architecture.


For example, the Lumia 625 boots pretty quicker than the recently launched 535. This shows the threading’s influence on boot.


In the Android version, the HTC m8 boots later than a 6k phone i.e. Micromax MAD, which shows the influence of the architecture on boot.


Winner of this phase of battle Android vs Windows phone: android!

The androids are the aces when it comes to architecture. Cyanogen mod, octa-core, true octa-core, Mali GPU, 3GB RAM nowadays, and AMOLED screens! Anymore explanation required for architectural supremacy guys?


App handling abilities:

Androids any day! Gigantic apps like Vector, Asphalt 8 airborne and any other power demanding app, the Androids take it as a walk in the park. While the Windows phone are no weak competition, they just lack the push required to keep things moving.


Winner of this phase of battle Android vs Windows phone: android!


User friendliness:

Damn! The Androids defeats the Windows phone more breath takingly in this aspect and sorry to say that the android is more user friendly than the Windows phone.


Winner of this phase of battle Android vs windows phone: android!



Though the android has its own share of admirers, the tiles of Windows phone has its own loyal admirers. The Kitkats and lollipops have worked wonders in terms of appearance but still, the windows phone sets the lumias apart in some way that we are yet to discover.


Winner of this phase of battle Android vs windows phone: you decide!!!

We will let you decide guys. Based on comments this result will be updated. So kudos!


Overall speed of operation:

It all comes down to this aspect. Even if dual – core, even if 512MB RAM, even if there are no MALIs and MediaTEKs, windows phone churns out raw power and its like giving a twig to an elephant.; it takes it like a breeze. Never ever in my entire techno life I have seen wonderful speed of operation like the Lumias. I have a HTC m8, mi4, Lumia 625 and lumia 1320. Lumias overpower it decently.


Winner of this phase of battle Android vs windows phone: Windows phone it is!!!



come what may, here are the facts that sets the two OSs apart and hence it is upto you guys whether you still stick to your perspectives. And guess what? We love to see your perspectives. Drop some on comments and we shall have a nice chat. What say? Until my next article, Ciao!

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