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AE Barn Story for Windows Phone : Hay Day for Lumia Alternative

AE Barn Story for Windows Phone is the Alternative to the Hay day for Lumia, I’ve come across with many Nokia Lumia users and they were asking for the hay day for Lumia, but the problem Supercell.Inc didn’t made Hay day available for windows phone users. so, now the wait is over AE is back with another fantastic game AE barn Story for Lumia which can fulfill the requirement of the Hay Day for Lumia. In this article I will be giving you the impartial review of the AE Barn Story for windows phone or simply the AE Barn Story for Lumia Reviews and will be giving you the direct download link of AE Barn Story for Lumia.

Hay Day for Lumia VS AE Barn Story for Lumia

its been a long time that the hay day for Lumia is not available for the windows phone users and now the new player has come to the market its AE Barn Story for windows phone. which one is good? The AE Barn Story is a hay day alternative for windows phone in true means because the AE Barn Story is a exact imitation of the hay day for Lumia. if you didn’t get the chance to play the hay day for Lumia then don’t worry you can play the AE barn story which is excatly the same as the hay day for Lumia, If you still want to play and you don’t have an android device then read this article

Play hay day on PC

AE Barn Story for Lumia Game Play and Compatibility

The game play is exactly as that of hay day for PC you have to take care of all the stuffs on your farm and earn the diamonds. there are several additional features that has been added in the AE Barn Story which is not yet available in the Hay Day for PC or Hay Day for Android some of the features are given below.


  • Produce delicious food using natural ingredients from your very own farm
  • Raise and care for funny farm animals with quirky personalities
  • Buy and sell your healthy, farm-fresh produce at the Farmer’s Market
  • Catch dozens of fish between harvests with just the swipe of a finger
  • Your farm is fully customizable — make it your very own
  • Beautiful animations and sounds. Your farm really feels alive!
  • Easy, fun touch gestures that mimic real farming activities

The AE Barn story is fully compatible with all Windows smartphone like Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Phone 8 and the latest Windows Phone 8.1. you can play the AE Barn Story for Lumia in any of your Lumia device like Nokia Lumia 510, Nokia Lumia 520, Lumia 530, Lumia 525, Lumia 610, Lumia 720, Lumia , Lumia 620, Lumia 625, Lumia 7110. Lumia 920, Lumia 930, and other Lumia smartphones. Playing AE Barn Story for Lumia 520 is simply like playing the Hay Day for Lumia 520.

Download AE Barn Story for Lumia

You can download the AE Barn Story fr Lumia from the direct download link below, if your accessing this website with your PC and want to download the file using your Lumia smartphone then you can download AE Barn Story using the short code or the QR code Given below.

Direct Download Link

AE Barn Story for Lumia

Short Code :

QR Code : Why QR code?

AE barn story QR Code





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